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Villages and towns that are far from the utility grid can have their electricity needs met by autonomous Nano-grids which can integrate solar, and other renewable energy sources to create a robust and reliable local grid. For customers, this source of energy operates just as if they were connected to the national utility: they pay a monthly fee based on their consumption. Innovative technology is emerging that allows for the Nano-grid to be controlled by mobile-enabled meters. These meters allow customers to pay for energy via mobile-money platforms, receive statistics on their consumption and energy credit remaining on their mobile devices, and for developers to remotely monitor the real-time performance and usage of the power system. When structured correctly,

Solar E Technology Nano-grid projects can present a sustainable model for community electrification, with operating and maintenance costs covered by revenue from the metered customers. The Solar Nano-grids also offer an attractive return on investment for the operator of the system.

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