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Do not pay 200% more bill for emergency power using normal IPS

Power supply interruption in countries like Bangladesh is very common and has been for many years. It is still uncertain how long before this basic social service will be available to an acceptable level, but it is certain that with increased economic activities and growing population energy resource crisis become more if not tackled now. Use of normal IPS during the power blackout such as load shedding makes it even worse because the energy grid has to supply more power after the load shedding is over and all normal IPSs start charging.

A normal IPS draws *160%-200% more energy through your meter than it delivers during blackout periods. In chain, it creates more power blackouts in the national grid, an increasing chaos for future energy security.

Climate change impact is also 200% more for the same power. So be sensible by installing a Solar IPS for your home, office or apartment for an energy and environment wise sustainable living future.

Solar IPS will ensure you have power in your home during power blackouts and saving you from significant electricity bills rise which happens with normal IPS.

A Solar IPS can also reduce your normal electricity bill when size is bigger than just emergency load or you do not have to pay any bill if you chose a system designed to suite your total power consumption.

Suitable for: Town or rural area, homes, flats, offices, shops and industrial buildings.

Contact us today and a professional will do all engineering for your need.

*Our own research on IPS in the market 2011

Single user

Solar IPS for single user

Solar E. Technology offers single unit solar IPS system for emergency power supply for single house

or office, custom designed to suite customers need. The load can be typical AC load but it is

recommended to replace AC loads with energy efficient loads such as LED lights, ECM motor fans

and fan power optimizer. Solar E. Technology can supply these energy efficient products as per

customers’ requirements.


Multiplexing Solar IPS for multi-user Apartments, Office or Shopping Complex

Solar E. Technology is proud to develop an innovative multiplexing solar IPS system suitable for multiple unit apartments. Solar Multiplexing IPS can optimize system size and maximize use of solar energy available on the roof. When there is no use in any flat(s), the solar energy can be shared by other tenants and vice versa, minimizing waste of solar energy compared to individual systems. The Multiplexing Solar IPS comes fitted with separate energy metering device for each flat that allows tracking and monitoring of energy per flat. This can assist in sharing through a billing system. This system is also good for multi-user office or shopping complex.

Combo System

Solar Power Combo-system (Grid feed and emergency supply integrated system):

Solar Power Combo-system can maximize the solar power utilization throughout the year. This system integrates and optimizes the power feed to the grid and battery charging. It has built-in intelligent system which allows cutting off the battery supply when reached to full charge level and 100% solar power will be fed to the in-house wiring for internal use (such as fridge, fan, TV, computer, washing machine, micro-wave etc) during day that reduces energy consumption from the grid. In winter season, no fan need to run and there is fewer loads shading compared to summer, so this smart system will charge the battery a little for back-up power and majority portion of the solar power will feed to the grid. As a result, this system maximizes the solar power utilization all over the year.

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