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R & D

Solar E Technology has started R & D exercise in the field of solar energy sustainable application and

energy efficiency since 2011. Our R & D Lab and workshop is located at Chuadanga.

We have developed few innovative products and concepts. Our Research and Development is an

ongoing process, which allows us to constantly innovate. Our long-term R&D focus has been on

improving efficiencies and reducing cost through maximum utilization of the unused solar energy for

multi-applications and product/process innovations.

# Solar Charge controller


# LED light (AC and DC)

# Solar AC IPS

# Off-grid pure sine wave solar inverter

# UPS for commercial application

# Solar driven seed dressing machine

# Solar driven husking mill

# Solar School Van

# Controller to run Laptop directly from panel (no battery)

# Controller to run ceiling/table fan directly from panel (no battery)

# Controller to use light directly from panel (no battery)

# Solar Hybrid multi-gear Vehicle

# Sustainable conversion of diesel run shallow pump to solar run shallow pump

# High voltage solar charge controller (250 to 750VDC)

# Rice parboiling solar boiler (Chatal)

# Solar Nano Grid (Rural electrification)

# Solar powered Cold Storage

# Solar driven water distillation plant - These distilled water will be stored in bottle and can be used for solar battery

# Solar driven water purification plant (osmosis process) for drinking water and will be bottled

# Solar driven Ice making small factory in sea side for fish preservation

# Solar driven small scale fabric making factory

# Solar Chicken Egg Poultry Hatchery

# Solar Hybrid Aerodynamic Car

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