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Solar Irrigation

The output of a solar pumping system is very dependent on good irrigation system design derived from accurate site and demand data. It is therefore essential that accurate assumptions are made regarding irrigation water demand/pattern of use and irrigation water availability including well yield and expected draw-down. Please contact Solar E. Technology to start your irrigation system design.

Solar Vehicle

…. the past few years have seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of alternate energy sources,

particularly solar power. The technology which directly converts the sun's rays into electricity is proving

to be one of the more commonly used 'green' energies in the transportation markets. As research into

solar power continues to accelerate and designers are busy trying to challenge people’s ideas of how

vehicles that uses it can look. Solar E Technology has developed first time in Bangladesh Solar School Van.

Solar E Technology currently doing research to develop multi-gear solar hybrid vehicle.   

Solar Mini Grid

Solar E Technology Off-Grid Solutions develops scalable system solutions for grid-independent electricity supply based on renewable energies. From electricity for buildings in remote regions far from the grid to supplying entire towns and islands: with Sunny Island inverters acting as grid and battery. Another focus of development is decentralized, grid-tie storage solutions: as a decentralized, intermediate storage option, the Sunny Backup system ensures a failsafe, grid-quality electricity supply.

Our Solar Mini Grid system is built in clusters. Each cluster consists of a battery bank with its own dedicated inverter chargers associated with grid tie inverter. The clusters are then combined to deliver the required energy output. The cluster design avoids single points of failure; in the event that one cluster fails, only one sub-system will be affected and the Mini Grid will still be operational.

Solar Nano Grid 

Solar Nano-Grids

Villages and towns that are far from the utility grid can have their electricity needs met by autonomous Nano-grids which can integrate solar, and other renewable energy sources to create a robust and reliable local grid. For customers, this source of energy operates just as if they were connected to the national utility: they pay a monthly fee based on their consumption. Innovative technology is emerging that allows for the Nano-grid to be controlled by mobile-enabled meters. These meters allow customers to pay for energy via mobile-money platforms, receive statistics on their consumption and energy credit remaining on their mobile devices, and for developers to remotely monitor the real-time performance and usage of the power system. When structured correctly, Solar E Technology Nano-grid projects can present a sustainable model for community electrification, with operating and maintenance costs covered by revenue from the metered customers. The Solar Nano-grids also offer an attractive return on investment for the operator of the system.

Solar Power Plant

Take Advantage of the Sun’s Potential

“Go Green … Go for Solar Power Plant”

There is simply no better alternative for an environmentally friendly power supply in the future than to take the path leading to a solar energy era.

Every day, the sun provides the earth with more than one thousand times the energy required by people around the world. Generating solar power requires two things: flawless management and sophisticated technology. Solar E Technology offers you both; and at the end of each project, the most suitable system is installed in the best possible location. Solar E Technology plans, designs and builds photovoltaic power plant of different sizes and types. We install turnkey systems with high-quality components, support you with complete solution from feasibility assessment to post installation service. Bangladesh has tremendous potential for solar power plant and is economically attractive over diesel power generation.  

Grid Connected Solar System

Turn Your Rooftop Into a Mini Solar Power Plant

Photovoltaic systems for industrial and commercial rooftops are the mainstay of distributed electrical energy supply

They enable businesses to produce a proportion of their power requirement in a cost-effective and reliable way, which will bring down the cost of energy considerably.

Continuous power failures as well as growing prices for grid electricity and diesel fuel to power diesel generators are a major concern for companies in Bangladesh. Solar rooftop systems for captive consumption can be integrated with the existing electricity infrastructure to offset a major part of your energy needs. 

Solar E Technology offers complete turnkey solutions to help you offset your energy needs with solar power so that you see a return in your bottom line. With an experience of more than 12 years Solar E Technology is your trusted partner for rooftop mini power plants.

Solar E Technology has successfully installed multiple industrial-sized rooftop systems. As Bangladesh has thousands of large unused roof spaces (Cold storages, garment industries and others), it has huge potential of building similar mini solar power plant totaling in excess of 5000MW.

( Ref. Solar E Technology Australia recent assessment)

“Power to the School Student”

Solar PV for schools – The benefits….

Every school has the potential to generate its own renewable energy. As most schools have a large roof, solar PV (electricity) is generally the stand out choice.

Education and engagement: being able to communicate to the students the benefits of sustainability through a working example of renewable technology in their own school will provide more direct engagement, particularly in the subjects of geography, science, design and technology and IT. This can also help to inspire the wider community to take action to address climate change.

Solar E Technology can offer battery less independent solar system for schools and cyclone centers. Our own developed innovative battery less solar system can power up light, fan, laptop, computer, TV, water pump etc directly from sun shine during daytime.

No More batteries required………..

Solar IPS

Get a Solar IPS

Do not pay 200% more bill for emergency power using normal IPS

Power supply interruption in countries like Bangladesh is very common and has been for many years. It is still uncertain how long before this basic social service will be available to an acceptable level, but it is certain that with increased economic activities and growing population energy resource crisis become more if not tackled now. Use of normal IPS during the power blackout such as load shedding makes it even worse because the energy grid has to supply more power after the load shedding is over and all normal IPSs start charging.

A normal IPS draws *160%-200% more energy through your meter than it delivers during blackout periods. In chain, it creates more power blackouts in the national grid, an increasing chaos for future energy security.

Climate change impact is also 200% more for the same power. So be sensible by installing a Solar IPS for your home, office or apartment for an energy and environment wise sustainable living future.

Solar IPS will ensure you have power in your home during power blackouts and saving you from significant electricity bills rise which happens with normal IPS.

A Solar IPS can also reduce your normal electricity bill when size is bigger than just emergency load or you do not have to pay any bill if you chose a system designed to suite your total power consumption.

Suitable for: Town or rural area, homes, flats, offices, shops and industrial buildings.

Contact us today and a professional will do all engineering for your need.

*Our own research on IPS in the market 2011

Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting

Solar E Technology designs and installs solar lighting for the illumination of streets, parks, walkways and a variety of other public spaces.


Our stand alone solar powered lighting offers the following benefits:

  • eliminates expensive mains cable installation costs
  • eliminates any associated electricity bills
  • increases public safety and aids in providing a safe working environment in areas where mains power is difficult to access
  • fully automatic operation
  • high quality construction and components
  • designed for easy servicing and maintenance where required 

System Operation

Solar panels mounted on the top of the pole convert sunlight into electricity which is used to charge a deep cycle battery. A solar controller/regulator ensures that the battery is charged in the most effective manner and not overcharged. The controller senses when the sun goes down and turns on the light. The controller can be programmed to run the light all night, or for the required time duration. The controller also protects the battery from over discharge.

Consultancy in Renewable Energy

Consultancy in Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy sources are environmentally clean and save current fossil fuel for precision application for a sustainable future energy. Technology has evolved to a level that they are no longer considered in R&D stage. Though further R&D will continuously bring product innovation and new application, in today’s market place solar and renewable energy products are commercially successful in returning investment within very short time example as low as 3 years.

Feasibility Study for Solar Power Plant:

Solar power has the ability to play a main role in the electrification of the developing world. Autonomous energy systems based on solar photovoltaic is, for some cases, a feasible alternative to a grid connection. Solar power can also be used as a complement to a weak grid, for facilities that requires a higher reliability of power. Solar E.Technology is equipped with appropriate knowledge and experience to conduct feasibility study of Solar Power Plant.

Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is one of the most targeted areas of saving the planet from environmental impact of energy use and cost of operation. There is no point wasting energy wherever an efficient system can be used in affordable manner and returning investments in very short time. Depending upon application and the level of in-efficiency of an existing system payback on investment can be as low as few weeks. Scientists and engineers are working round the globe in improving energy efficiency in engineering equipment’s and systems on a continuous basis. It is a matter of applying these generously to achieve the target of sustainability.

Our strength is to apply whole system approach to provide cost optimum and correct application of the latest technologies, operational procedures and maintenance in many areas of thermal and electrical energy use. We apply leading edge latest energy modelling techniques to obtain optimum solution.

Energy Demand Management:

Cutting energy demand in the first place has no alternative to saving money, energy impact to the environment and natural resources. As many things we can leave without, are saved for the sustainable living future. The key questions anyone should ask and find answers to:

  •  Do I need this energy load at all?
  • Can I reduce my energy load as low as possible?
  • Can I shift my energy demand to another time or place to obtain
  • Better energy efficiency of the equipment?
  • Better tariff rate of energy use?
  • Maximum use of renewable energy?
  • Minimise energy demand?
  • Can I monitor and control my energy use as on-demand?

Our expertise can help you to answer all these questions to the point so you get the most out of your demand management giving you a longer term sustainable living or business outcome.

Green Building:

With growing population worldwide, the increase of building structure is alarming together with increase of supporting energy needs to make these buildings usable. Lighting, indoor environment control and operating equipment’s are consuming a great deal of energy. The energy demand in building section is a serious concern in the modern society.

A green building is that uses the least possible energy from the traditional energy resources such as fossil power or fossil fuel equipment’s and uses the most possible amount of solar and renewable energy for the optimised demand, without sacrificing its purpose and full functionality.

There is no alternative to

* Improve energy efficiency of the existing buildings

* Design and build new buildings with the best possible manner to gain natural heating and cooling provisions, and fitted with the best energy efficient equipment’s

* Maintain and operate the building in energy intelligent manner

* Use building space to generate solar energy from available roof space, re-generate energy within the building activities, recycle energy and reduce energy usage.

Solar E.Technology can provide you appropriate advice on getting your building energy efficiency level to cater for client’s sustainable building use.

Commercial and Industrial Process Energy Efficiency:

Many equipment’s and processes in traditionally old systems are running extremely inefficiently. Taking a benchmark approach to improve energy efficiency has proven pays any investment as fast as less than year, then gives long life economic return. It reduces national energy resource burden, save greenhouse gas emission and provide sustainable living opportunity for the coming generation.

Solar E.Technology is equipped with appropriate knowledge and experience to provide correct cost effective design and system supply to suite clients constrains and limitations.

Please contact us at your convenience for a discussion.


Sustainability in Large Office Building, Hospital, Industrial Complex etc…

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) is the key concept for sustainability. Taking sustainability approaches in large complex environment we can create a new world life that is naturally balanced with given natural resources, such as water and energy and other environmentally significant material, reduce climate impact of use of these resources and provide an economically sustainable future operation.

Solar E.Technology can offer design and consulting services to achieve sustainability goal of commercial complex. Few key concepts are outlined for consideration in the design of the complex.

 Sustainability focus areas are:

Minimize use of fossil fuel source of energy which comes in the form of electricity, gas supply or other, in the ways of

# Minimizing the first demand

# Maximizing energy efficiency

# Energy and water recovery and recycling

# Maximizing use and production of renewable energy.

# Minimize material and chemicals that are environmentally sensitive and have high energy, global warming and ozone depleting potential.

# Management and maintenance of systems and components to its best operating performance

In minimizing the first demand the design should include:

# High star rating buildings features

# Minimize artificial air conditioning including heating and cooling

# Use of natural cooling processes such as evaporative cooling, natural ventilation and green vegetation

# Use of natural lighting where possible but with heat filtration

# Maximize thermal insulation where appropriate, including synthetic materials and natural insulating barriers such as double glazing and shading. Green roofing where possible can reduce significant cooling load in buildings.

# The use of phase change thermal storage to transfer cooling and heating load to a uniform level.

# Minimize use of direct electric heating

# Optimize the heating and cooling set points for building envelope and hot water supply.

# Minimize water flow at the ablution, showers and basin taps. Bypass mixture of hot and cold water in warmer weather where possible

# Maximizing “containing” the heating or cooling load example – automatic door closer in conditioned space.

In maximising energy and water efficiency the design should secure:

# Energy efficient equipment for all areas

# LED lighting

# Lighting control with automated features

# Use of fans with energy efficient motors for air circulation. Similarly for water circulation.

# Use of ceiling fans for indoor air movement to increase “effective comfort” level and use less artificial air cooling.

Solar Energy Cold Storage

Solar Energy for Cold Stores

...designs and installs the complete solar power for your cold storage refrigeration system to fit your cooling needs all powered by solar: from our split system solar power cold store units to "green" pre-engineered cold stores compressor rack systems solar energy. We have your cold storage solar solution.

Solar E Technology cuts energy from traditional cold stores by at least 60% with solar power energy in combination with LED lighting cold storage. We combine old world quality with new world energy technology to deliver quality products and service to every customer. Solar E Technology has been serving the large industrial energy technology industry needs since 2002. We offer a true "turn-key" in the solar powered cold storage and food processing industry.

Refrigeration and Control Warehouse Design

Solar E Technology focuses on total performance and understands the financial investment involved. It is essential that our cold storage clients are completely satisfied with their cold store facility solar energy expansion project both operationally and financially. We offer state-of-the-art innovative cold stores facility designs, cold storage construction and practical solar power solutions that have a positive, meaningful impact on our client’s profitability.

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