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Our Overall Mission

Bring along engineering solution to a cleaner and renewable energy generation, providing energy efficient technology, and reduce and manage energy demand in all sectors of the modern built society through research, consultancy and real life applications.

Our Short Term Mission

> Solar Irrigation

> Solar Mini Grid

> Solar IPS for emergency supply

> Solar School Van

> Independent Solar system for Schools and cyclone centre

> Battery less solar system for NGO office in remote area

> Grid connected rooftop solar commercial system

> Solar Hybrid multi-gear Vehicle

> Sustainable conversion of diesel run shallow pump to solar run shallow pump

> Rice parboiling solar boiler (Chatal) as an integral part of solar irrigation system

> Solar Nano Grid (Rural electrification)

Our Long Term Mission

> Solar powered Cold Storage

> Solar Power Plant

> Solar driven water distillation plant - These distilled water will be stored in bottle and can be used for solar battery

> Solar driven water purification plant (osmosis process) for drinking water and will be bottled

> Solar driven Ice making small factory in sea side for fish preservation

> Solar driven small scale fabric making factory

> Solar Chicken Egg Poultry Hatchery

> Solar Hybrid Aerodynamic Car

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