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Consultancy in Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy sources are environmentally clean and save current fossil fuel for precision application for a sustainable future energy. Technology has evolved to a level that they are no longer considered in R&D stage. Though further R&D will continuously bring product innovation and new application, in today’s market place solar and renewable energy products are commercially successful in returning investment within very short time example as low as 3 years.

Feasibility Study for Solar Power Plant:

Solar power has the ability to play a main role in the electrification of the developing world. Autonomous energy systems based on solar photovoltaic is, for some cases, a feasible alternative to a grid connection. Solar power can also be used as a complement to a weak grid, for facilities that requires a higher reliability of power. Solar E.Technology is equipped with appropriate knowledge and experience to conduct feasibility study of Solar Power Plant.

Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is one of the most targeted areas of saving the planet from environmental impact of energy use and cost of operation. There is no point wasting energy wherever an efficient system can be used in affordable manner and returning investments in very short time. Depending upon application and the level of in-efficiency of an existing system payback on investment can be as low as few weeks. Scientists and engineers are working round the globe in improving energy efficiency in engineering equipment’s and systems on a continuous basis. It is a matter of applying these generously to achieve the target of sustainability.

Our strength is to apply whole system approach to provide cost optimum and correct application of the latest technologies, operational procedures and maintenance in many areas of thermal and electrical energy use. We apply leading edge latest energy modelling techniques to obtain optimum solution.

Energy Demand Management:

Cutting energy demand in the first place has no alternative to saving money, energy impact to the environment and natural resources. As many things we can leave without, are saved for the sustainable living future. The key questions anyone should ask and find answers to:

  • Do I need this energy load at all?
  • Can I reduce my energy load as low as possible?
  • Can I shift my energy demand to another time or place to obtain
  • Better energy efficiency of the equipment?
  • Better tariff rate of energy use?
  • Maximum use of renewable energy?
  • Minimise energy demand?
  • Can I monitor and control my energy use as on-demand?

Our expertise can help you to answer all these questions to the point so you get the most out of your demand management giving you a longer term sustainable living or business outcome.

Green Building:

With growing population worldwide, the increase of building structure is alarming together with increase of supporting energy needs to make these buildings usable. Lighting, indoor environment control and operating equipment’s are consuming a great deal of energy. The energy demand in building section is a serious concern in the modern society.

A green building is that uses the least possible energy from the traditional energy resources such as fossil power or fossil fuel equipment’s and uses the most possible amount of solar and renewable energy for the optimised demand, without sacrificing its purpose and full functionality.

There is no alternative to

* Improve energy efficiency of the existing buildings

* Design and build new buildings with the best possible manner to gain natural heating and cooling provisions, and fitted with the best energy efficient equipment’s

* Maintain and operate the building in energy intelligent manner

* Use building space to generate solar energy from available roof space, re-generate energy within the building activities, recycle energy and reduce energy usage.

Solar E.Technology can provide you appropriate advice on getting your building energy efficiency level to cater for client’s sustainable building use.

Commercial and Industrial Process Energy Efficiency:

Many equipment’s and processes in traditionally old systems are running extremely inefficiently. Taking a benchmark approach to improve energy efficiency has proven pays any investment as fast as less than year, then gives long life economic return. It reduces national energy resource burden, save greenhouse gas emission and provide sustainable living opportunity for the coming generation.

Solar E.Technology is equipped with appropriate knowledge and experience to provide correct cost effective design and system supply to suite clients constrains and limitations.

Please contact us at your convenience for a discussion.

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