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Area of Expertise

Energy efficiency

Solar PV system

Solar power plant

Solar irrigation

Energy saving & Environmentally

Sustainable Design (ESD) project

LED lighting in commercial sector

Energy star rating in commercial building

Product development from prototype

to production version

Complex electrical circuit design

Engineering testing and

laboratory practice

System commissioning

Risk assessment and controls

Engineering Change Order (ECO)

Process Redesign / Reengineering

Cost Reduction

Project Management

Commercial Refrigeration in Supermarket

Team Training & Mentoring

Quality Assurance Standards

Regulatory Compliance Issues

Engineering Documentation

Solar E.Technology is an Australian based International business specialized in large scale solar irrigating pumping system, waste to energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Demand Management and Renewable Energy technology areas, providing long term sustainable energy living solutions. The core business involves R&D and consultancy, together with design, supply, installation and commissioning of systems and components in the renewable energy field. Solar irrigation and Grid connected PV Systems and waste to energy solution in commercial and industrial market is the major focus areas of our business. Solar E Technology has been running the business from Chuadanga since 2011 and is doing consultancy in the area of sustainability, waste potential assessment, waste to energy sustainable solution, executing large scale solar irrigation pumping system and Grid connected commercial solar system projects.

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