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Damdorpur Kaliganj Jhinaidoho

20KW Multifunctional Solar Irrigation Project

Sustainable living for all and for long future is the prime concerns of the modern human society. Science and technology have given a sophisticated life style for many but this life style has proven impacting on the living environment and usable natural resource. Solar E. Technology is dedicated to provide engineering solution to achieve such sustainable living for all.

Pays for itself…

Have an independent energy power system, financed cash-flow positive from day one giving you benifits for many decades to come.

Energy Independence is the biggest challenge facing the world. This is the time to find out how emerging and established renewable technologies lead to greater energy security. Renewable energy is an inexhaustible source of energy but the full potential cannot be developed unless capable developers understand the problem they are solving. A brilliant developer will come up with a brilliant solution, but if the solution is for the wrong problem — that would be a wasted opportunity. Solar E Technology is doing a unique job developing solutions that have vastly improved the performance of renewables in the agribusiness; as well as in understanding the behavior and availability of agriculture resources. Power is everywhere, and harnessing that power can bring clean renewable electricity to agribusinesses and remote places.

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